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A year-round Snow Sports Center. Imagine the ability to use your skis in August, just minutes from downtown. 

An opportunity to enter a profitable industry with high barriers to entry.

The ski area and resort industry in North America has been highly profitable since business models consolidated in the mid 1990s, culminating with $7.3B direct spending at ski resorts in 2014/15 ski season. At the same time, development of new ski areas has been stagnant as environmental regulations and lack of attractive land close to urban areas make new areas prohibitively expensive.

However, more than 50 SnowFlex synthetic snow hills have been built and operated successfully in Western Europe and Asia since the 1970’s. SnowFlex is a year-round artificial snow surface that allows for quick skill acquisition and high conversion rates from beginner to active participant

A year round snowboard and ski facility using Snowflex

SnowSports 365 is currently developing its flagship SnowFlex project in Castle Rock, Colorado, just 25 miles south of downtown Denver. With major Colorado resorts charging up to $160 per day for a lift ticket and traffic continuing to choke mountain commutes, SnowSports 365 at Castle Rock will attract the value conscious consumer, providing convenient and reliable outdoor entertainment all year long.

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