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Public Private Partnerships

P3 provides superior financial returns for investors and economic benefits for the communities in which we work.  Often times our work results in significant environmental restoration of both private and community-owned land and improvements.

Communities often do not have the funding or the staffing to complete necessary infrastructure projects in a timely manner. This is especially true with brownfield sites and stranded assets. That is where P3 steps in: P3 Advisors partners with local governments to meet goals on both the public and private sides of real estate development. 

P3 Advisors works to engage with communities and identify their wants and needs and to create a shared re-development vision. This requires us to keep a close and ongoing relationship with local government and community stakeholders so that interests and concerns are addressed and resolved throughout the planning and development process.

Land Development and Master Planning

Land development has long-term impacts on communities, therefore, P3 invests heavily in pre-development master planning to bring the best ideas for the land to life. 

Once a land development project has been identified, P3 Advisors works together with our highly-experienced consultant teams of planners, engineers, technologists, architects, and builders to create master plans that reflects the shared development vision established in forming the public-private partnership.

Throughout the master planning process, P3 utilizes diverse data sets to determine the highest and best use for any existing improvements and/or land assets.  In our experience, it takes input from market studies, the brokerage community, economic development groups, local chamber of commerce and direct interface with the public at large to create a unique master plan responsive to the real estate markets and the community constituents

Public Financing

Major land development projects, especially those with environmental or infrastructure challenges, may require public participation of some sort in order to deliver communities the outcomes they desire. 

The P3 Advisors team brings strong negotiating prowess and adept financial analysis to determine the best opportunities for mutual success among communities, investors and stakeholders. 

The team’s experience includes the full spectrum of public finance and alternative finance vehicles and the execution and management of Public Finance Agreements.  P3 Advisors understands the process to monetize those Agreements via the bond market as well as how to manage the proceeds of such issuances via Special Districts. 

Hospitality Development

P3 strives to the integrate luxury with functionality on all its hospitality projects, including the planned Resort at Miller’s Landing. To accomplish this, P3 works with notable hospitality operators and architects to create spaces that ease the mind and refresh the soul. 

P3 can utilize public finance markets and municipal partnerships to deliver exceptional hospitality projects that fulfill the needs of a variety of stakeholders. 

SnowSports 365

Imagine using your skis or snowboard in August. You can at SnowSports 365. SnowSports 365 is a year-round outdoor snow sports center concept developed by P3 Advisors. SnowSports 365 uses SnowFlex®, an artificial snow surface that can be used in all four seasons. Beginners to experts have been enjoying SnowFlex synthetic hills in Western Europe and Asia since the 1970s. With SnowSports 365, P3 Advisors plans to bring this exciting skiing alternative to major domestic markets.

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