Shawn Temple

Managing Director

SHAWN TEMPLE is an inventive, forward-thinking real estate broker, consultant and developer, adept at determining the highest and best use for properties that are compromised or have complex and significant development issues. A true community rebuilder, Shawn’s focus on urban infill redevelopment enables him to successfully target transit-oriented developments that can drive economic growth, create jobs and revitalize a community. His ability to ideate around a project, creatively explore all available options and selectively package information into an executable plan has made him a leader in the bourgeoning Public Private Partnership field.

A self-styled entrepreneur, Shawn has always had a penchant for building and developing things.  As a mortgage banker and mortgage broker, he learned commercial real estate from the finance side, honing his sales skills and maturing as a consultant before gravitating toward the redevelopment side. Realizing the importance of business relationships, Shawn has built a deep professional network of collaborators and market resources that guide his approach and ensure the success of each project.

Known for his creativity and negotiation prowess, Shawn has consistently structured redevelopment deals that merge practical strategy with insight to optimize use of the property and create win-win